S.I.R.S was created to meet the growing need for professional security investigation and risk solutions in New Zealand and around the world, we understand the increasing threats globally and domestically and provide high quality security services and world-class training, mentoring for industry professionals. With a combination of military, domestic and international security experience to counter this threat S.I.R.S provides adaptable and effective protection for what matters to you, your company or your event. We excel at providing the highest quality security services and training in close protection, maritime security, hostile environment, firearms training, door supervision, private investigations, surveillance and CCTV operations.

All S.I.R.S operators hold the required standards and qualifications, we operate in accordance with New Zealand and Global security practice. To ensure high standards all S.I.R.S staff complete a review of their qualifications which include a police check and background vetting every 6 months. The training and courses offered by S.I.R.S are accredited by Highfield an industry recognised internationally.

S.I.R.S Training

When searching for a training provider the main goal is to obtain a certification that is in place with the industry requirements to be able to find employment. While there are many training providers  that are not following the industry requirements and running training with no qualification in place. After completing a training course with S.I.R.S  all successful candidates do receive an internationally recognised certification from a UK awarding body

We are the only training provider in the south pacific who has these qualifications for training and are recognised by the security industry authority (SIA) 

Last but not least we are passionate and love what we do, we pay attention to our customer's requirements and give post course support.

Get in touch with us today and give us the opportunity to help you.

 S.I.R.S is the New Zealand Branch of Savage Protection, a global private security operation.


Managing Director, Owner and founder of   Security Investigations &  Risks Solutions (SIRS), and Savage Protection

A highly motivated and dedicated professional Security Specialist, with strong teaching and training skills that were developed over 17 years of service in the British Army including 2 years of service in New Zealand Defence Force and 5 years as a Private security operator. Accustomed to working in high risk environments which include operational tours abroad. Able to lead supervise, train teams. Lee completed several deployments in Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Northern Ireland and has lead highly skilled teams in areas of conflict. His experience in hostile environments is reflected in him earning the Accumulated Campaign Service Medal (UK) which is awarded to soldiers who have accumulated 1080 days or more in combat.  After leaving the Army Lee joined the industry as a private contractor, providing Close Protection and Maritime security services, nationally and abroad. By being a private contractor and working in the industry  Lee brings a wealth of knowledgeable  experience to his background which enables him to provide  extensive training as managing director SIRS running training nationally and internationally.

Lee is passionate about providing the best experience and training for his clients and students. His core values of Commitment, Integrity, Comradeship and maintaining the highest possible standards have become the foundation that SIRS and Savage Protection are build on. This is why Lee insists that he monitors and mentors the development and qualifications of his team as well as having them complete police checks bi-annually.


With 25 years experience in the New Zealand Defence Force and a wealth of experience and qualifications in the senior sector Nigel brings a wealth of knowledge to the Security, Investigations and Security Solutions Training Wing. During his career Nigel has gained qualifications and experience in risk management, private security, close protection, counter terrorism and maritime security. Nigels hard working personality, expectations combined with his experience in both training and implementing a variety of security and leadership skills mean that our students are taught at the highest standards that the industry has to offer.

Auckland Region Operations Manager

A highly motivated and dedicated member of the SIRS team, Brad strives for excellence in his own work standards and of those around him. Brad is experienced at leading highly skilled teams and combines his experience from his time as an officer in the Royal New Zealand Infantry with his time spent as a teacher to effectively manage, mentor and train team members. Brad gained an understanding of the security industry and personnel management  in his seven years in the army in a mixture of territorial and regular force appointments and gained notable experience of static security and key point protection during the New Zealand Defence Force response to the Canterbury earthquakes. The newest member to the team he has recently made a move to the private security sector after spending some time as a secondary school teacher and is excited to increase SIRS presence in the greater Auckland Region.

SIRS Ltd Africa operation Manager and Head Instructor

Solise comes from the private and government security  background and possesses a vast amount of knowledge of the global security industry. He’s a security manager, specialist and a field agent,  he enojoyes being on the field around the Africa Continent and beyond. Solise has taught and operated throughout the Africa world and brings a huge wealth of knowledge and operational experience to SIRS. A highly motivated and dedicated member of the SIRS Ltd team, Solise is responsible for maintaining the ongoing high training standards and selection for both current and new SIRS Ltd operators in Africa, he has a vast experience of more than 10 years as fully trained, qualified and experienced Operator as an international security instructor and Security Manager.


SIRS-Associated Companies

Security, Investigations & Risk Solutions management have developed valuable networks internationally and domestically, we only associate our company with trusted and reliable companies within the security industry.


The international operations partner for SIRS

Savage Protection is an internationally recognised risk management company that delivers integrated solutions within land and sea environments. Savage Protection contractors, all have background in the British Military or New Zealand Defence Force with over 5 years experience conducting operations in hostile environments.

Core services include Asset Protection, Close Protection, Door Supervisors, Event Security, Maritime Security, Private Investigations, Residential Security, Surveillance, Static Guard and Witness Protection .

Savage Protection mission is to protect the needs of our client, by hiring highly trained personnel, we aim to make our client feel secure and safe under all circumstances whilst under the management of Savage Protection.

Black Knight Security Ltd


Black Knight Security  is an African  risk management company that delivers integrated solutions for land and sea operations. Black Knight Security operators are trained by Security Investigations & Risk Solutions Ltd (S.I.R.S Ltd)

Black Knight Security-Sarl, we understand that security is not just about protecting key personnel, it is about developing and maintaining a operationally service that provid optimal protection for corporate’s most valued assets. We proud our self to be one of the leading risk management provider in Africa through our  international partner S.I.R.S Ltd  and our highly accredited operators.

Services: • Close Protection/ Executive protection • VIP protection • Escort Service • PSD • Security Drive • Travel risk management • Security consultation • Security Training  Journey management • Transport in Hostile Environment • Oil & Gas – Humanitarian Aid • Surveillance and investigation • Specialist Training Programs


ORION SECURITY GROUP is a SIRS trusted employer for our students within Australia

ORION offers a complete range of security services. All staff selected by ORION approach their tasks from a security minded perspective, ensuring that clients and members of the public are reassured that their safety and well being is always of utmost concern. team members display the finest of qualities.

Core services include facility security, close personal protection, mobile patrol, risk management, customer service officers, cash in transit officers and concierge, health, construction, energy, hospitality, hostile environments, maritime (Anti-Piracy), international travel, logistics and event management industries.


Trackforce the trusted security management system for SIRS  to provide the most advanced security solutions to our clients 


Trackforce is a leading provider of security management technology. For over seventeen years Trackforce has provided fully integrated security solutions to its partners and customers. We specialize in web-based and mobile application platforms to optimize operational management of physical security services. Thanks to our security expertise and the use of state-of-the-art information systems technology we proudly offer the most effective solutions available on the market today.