Firearm Safety Course

Blue Card Accreditation

The Blue Card is specifically developed to meet the growing needs for firearms safety training within the security sector where you are required to carry firearms. City & Guilds UK Accreditation with ISO 28007 Maritime & ISO 18788 land Base Compliance 

The City & Guilds Accredited Firearms Safe Handling, Tactical Awareness and Live Firing Qualification is ideal for any individual, Government or Security Organisation that is engaged within the Security Sector that required to carry Firearms.

The issuing of personnel with the Blue Card I.D is a clear indication that your organisation has ensured your armed personnel have been Accredited to an International recognised standard.

Course Content 

  • Weapon Safe Handling.
  • Tactical Awareness / Operation.
  • Live Fire Qualifying Shoot.

Weapon Safe Handling.

  • Weapon Introduction and Safety Aspects of that Weapon.
  • Stripping an Assembly for that Weapon.
  • Daily Maintenance and Cleaning of that Weapon.
  • NSPs, Normal Safety Procedures.
  • Load, unload and make safe.
  • Stoppage Drills.
  • Muzzle Discipline.
  • Magazine Maintenance.
  • Magazine Loading.
  • Marksmanship Principles.
  • WHT, (Weapons Handling Test).
  • Magazine Loading (Timed).

Tactical Awareness / Operation.

  • Armed Vehicle Drills (Principles)
  • Armed Walking Drills (Principles)
  • Armed Room/Building Clearance (Principle

Live Fire Qualifying Shoot

  • The Live Qualifying Shoot will be conducted at the end of the course.
  • Students will be required to display all Three phases of the Accreditation throughout this exercise.
  • The Qualifying Pass score is 70%, this score must be achieved for each Weapon under instruction to obtain Accreditation.

Weapon Systems Available

  • AK47
  • Bolt Action Rifles
  • Glock
  • Shotguns
  • L1A1 Self-Loading Rifle
  • M16
  • M4
  • Sig 226
  • Steyr Scout Mannlicher

Course Requirements

Security Investigations & Risk Solutions Ltd has strict criteria for all attendees on their Firearms Courses.

Due diligence must be carried out on all personnel before attending as laid down by Security Investigations & Risk Solutions Ltd. Therefore, the following procedure must be met before Signing up:

  • You must produce an original current Criminal Police check.
  • An in-date Passport or driving licence is required.
  • Every individual must supply 2 Passport photographs

Duration: 1 days
Awarding Body: City & Gilds accredited